• 07/11/2022


A sign for talk money week 2022

What is Talk Money Week?

Each November the Money and Pensions Service run a national campaign to encourage everyone to start having conversations about money.

With the cost-of-living pressures and challenges of managing money during uncertain times - it's no surprise that 19 million people in the UK report feeling worried when thinking about their financial situation.

But despite the current media spotlight on household finances; the latest research shows that over half of UK adults still don't feel confident in making financial decisions and find it difficult to open up about their money and pension worries.

Don’t bottle it up 

However you’re feeling about the upcoming cost of living increases, try not to bottle it up inside.

Finances can sometimes feel like a taboo topic but don’t suffer in silence. It’s tempting to put off debts and financial issues at times. But eventually, these feelings and problems can bubble to the surface, and in the long run, this is often worse.

Talk to others you trust about how you’re feeling. These conversations can help you gain perspective and release any heavy emotions you might have. 

Research shows that people who #talkmoney

  • Make better and less risky financial decisions
  • Have stronger personal relationships
  • Help their children to form good money habits
  • Feel less stressed and in control of their finances

How can Hightown help you?

#talkmoney with our team - there are a number of ways we can help you.

  • We can offer help with welfare benefits – from benefit entitlement to applications and disputes
  • Support with dealing with debts
  • Budgeting and money advice

We can also offer extra support to people who need it the most to help sustain their tenancy.

For example:

  • Helping first time tenants to get started with managing their tenancy effectively
  • Assisting with furniture applications for people with additional vulnerabilities
  • Helping people with complex needs who need help to sustain and manage their tenancy
  • Home visits to people with physical or mental health conditions

Accessing our support services

Please speak to your Housing Officer by calling 01442 292300 to discuss your needs and they will refer to you to the appropriate team for the right support.