• 17/12/2023

Taking action against Anti-Social Behaviour

A woman speaking on her mobile phone. She is distressed with her hand on her forehead.

Living peacefully in a community is everyone’s dream, but sometimes Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) can be a spoiler. We take ASB seriously and understand the negative impact it can have on the residents and communities we work with. Hightown is working to tackle this issue head-on and has recently obtained two ASB injunctions against perpetrators who have caused persistent nuisance behaviour towards their neighbours and local community.

We are committed to the Government's 'Respect: ASB charter for Housing'. The tenancy agreement each resident signs before moving into their Hightown home outlines that the tenant must not cause nuisance and ASB, 'Neither to cause, nor to allow members of his or her household or visitors to cause or commit any form of harassment, nuisance, annoyance or other antisocial behaviour to any other resident, member of their household, visitor, neighbour, or any other member of the general public in the locality of the Premises or to any of the Association's employees, contractors or agents (whether in or around the Premises or elsewhere).

Hightown’s strategy is to empower residents to report nuisance behaviour and work together to find solutions. There are several tools and powers available to Hightown when tackling ASB, this can include sending out tenancy breach letters, interviews with the perpetrator to address nuisance behaviour, Acceptable Behaviour Agreements, joint working with the Community Safety teams, referrals to mediation and enforcement action. Enforcement action such as the ASB Injunctions provided by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 201 are used as a last resort where the perpetrator fails to stop their persistent nuisance behaviour.  

Hightown doesn’t shy away from taking enforcement action, using its powers to deal with persistent ASB when someone’s nuisance behaviours becomes a persistent problem, causing distress, and affecting the community’s wellbeing. In simple terms, ASB Injunctions are a court order imposing behaviour conditions on the perpetrator, if breached this can be a criminal offence.

Injunctions are not one size fits all solution; they are used case by case, based on the severity of the situation. The decision to use them relies on witness or victim statements and any relevant evidence.  Once an Injunction is in place Hightown keeps a close eye on compliance, encouraging victims or witnesses to report any breaches promptly.

Success in dealing with ASB depends on the cooperation of tenants.  Through clear communication, empathy, and support Hightown makes sure to address the needs and expectations of its residents. Without this support, Hightown cannot effectively use this tool to tackle ASB and provide reassurance to residents.

If you would like to report any ASB, please contact us. Reporting ASB incidents is easy. Contact us by:

  • Via Hightown’s website
  • Using your MyHightown account
  • You can contact your housing officer during office hours on 01442 292300.
  • You can leave a message out of hours on our 24-hour messaging service by calling 07768 286694. This is a message service only; a member of staff will contact you within two working days of the message being received.