• 19/02/2024

Four walls to call a home

Robert Scarff (38)

Hightown's general needs resident Robert had experienced different forms of homelessness, such as sofa surfing, before being housed by Hightown. Sofa surfing is rarely captured by official statistics as it is a hidden form of homelessness (Crisis). This makes it harder for those to get help as their situation is 'invisible', in terms of being seen by the public and in official statistics (Office for National Statistics).

Robert's spiral of homelessness started when his parents' house was overcrowded, forcing him to move out. This resulted in him sofa surfing and living in a temporary hostel. With support of the staff from Dens, Robert began to bid on properties in Hemel Hempstead.

Robert's new home brings many comforts to him. He can finally read in the quiet space of his own home – something he is very passionate about! The location is a bonus as it is near the town centre and local amenities. He can also relax in his lounge, catching up on his favourite TV shows such as EastEnders.

General needs resident sat in his new home reading a book

"The staff at Hightown were very helpful during the signing up process and answered all my questions", says Robert.

Robert is now feeling more secured and settled in his home.

He adds: "This home has made me happy. I love it, I just love it. I've fallen on my feet and got back up from the bottom of the ladder."

We're so happy for Robert and hope that he continues to be happy in his new home!