• 08/02/2023

Staff £10k fundraising campaign supports vital mental health services in Herts

Members of Hightown's charity committee holding a large cheque.

Hightown colleagues handed over a cheque for £2,400 to local mental health and wellbeing support charity Hertfordshire Mind Network this month, following fundraising efforts organised by the Association's charity committee.

The cheque was the final tranche of almost £10,000 raised in total by Hightown's staff as part a four-year long campaign, after they chose Hertfordshire Mind Network as their nominated charity.  Staff raised money through various activities, including bake sales, raffles, sweepstakes and quiz nights, with every opportunity raising funds for the good cause.

Hightown currently provides dedicated support for over 150 residents with mental health issues across nine services in Herts and Bucks.

David Bogle, chief executive of Hightown, said:

"As a housing association, Hightown provides safe and affordable homes and support for people experiencing mental ill health.  We are aware that mental ill health affects many people in our community and we are delighted that our staff have worked so hard to raise funds for Hertfordshire Mind Network, an organisation which shares our commitment to promoting respect and support for those living with mental health challenges.

"Hightown's nominated charity changes every few years and we're proud to have raised a staggering £9,800 for Hertfordshire Mind Network since 2018, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic."

Hertfordshire Mind Network delivers crucial mental health support in Herts, providing a range of services from seven wellbeing centres and other venues across the county. Funded locally, services are available to all residents in Hertfordshire over the age of 18, as well as dedicated services for 5-18-year-olds.

Louis Breese, Hertfordshire Mind Network's fundraising and engagement manager, said:

"Hightown's donation will help to keep our vital services running in Hertfordshire. The need for our services across the county has increased significantly recently, especially due to the pandemic and the recent cost of living crisis.  It is only with the support of our local community that we can continue to provide our services to those who need us most.  We are so grateful to Hightown Housing Association who have continuously fundraised for us before, during and after the pandemic and have raised an outstanding amount doing so.  It is a huge reflection of the great nature of all involved to act so selflessly for four years.  The funds that have been raised will ensure that we can reach out and support more people in our local community who are experiencing mental ill health.”