• 07/06/2024

RVSP and VoiceBox joint workshop

RVSP & VoiceBox group photo

The Residents' Voice & Scrutiny Panel (RVSP) and VoiceBox (Hightown's service user involvement group) came together on Tuesday 21 May for their bi-annual workshop.

The two groups reviewed Hightown's website and provided feedback on how to make it more accessible and user-friendly for residents and service users. They gave feedback on the diversity of photos and stories used and whether they reflect the people we support. They also commented on how easy it is to find information on Hightown's values.

In addition, they reviewed Hightown's complaints leaflet, where they gave suggestions on the colour, layout, and lack of photos. Some of their ideas included reducing the information to make it clear and concise and separating the leaflet into sections to make it easy to read.

The workshop was an opportunity for our residents to help shape our day-to-day working practices and improve our services through co-production.

Tahlia, Vice-Chair of RVSP, commented:

"The workshop is a great example of Hightown's commitment to include a diverse range of residents to improve and shape services.

"Residents and service users were involved in scrutinising the website and complaints leaflet; our feedback and suggestions have been listened to and will lead to improvements and changes."

Brendan, member of VoiceBox, said:

"Today's workshop was interactive. I had the opportunity to help shape Hightown's services and it's a great feeling to know that my input will make a difference. It's fantastic working with Hightown and meeting members of the Residents' Voice & Scrutiny Panel."