• 04/07/2023

Hightown’s Chief Executive features in podcast

CEO of Hightown. He is wearing a dark grey suit, blue shirt and a red and white patterned tie.

David Bogle, Hightown’s Chief Executive, has recorded a podcast with James Leighton of Andersen James.

Watch the podcast

In the podcast, David shares what’s evolved in housing during his time as Chief Executive and how the sector is tackling the housing and homelessness crisis. 

The episode covers:

  • What’s changed in the housing sector over the last 30 or so years?
  • Why it’s so important that we continue to build new homes.
  • Are we ever going to plug the housing crisis gap?
  • Why is now such a difficult time to be a chief executive?
  • What is Homes for Cathy all about and how can people get involved?
  • What can we do to fix homelessness?
  • The nine Homes for Cathy commitments.
  • David’s five-year vision for the future of the sector