• 19/04/2024

EDI Forum lunchtime networking session success

Gemma Talking

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Forum at Hightown organised a lunchtime networking event which was a real success. Filled by an abundance of people that included head office and care and support staff, as well as a couple of our residents who joined us to network and get to know Hightown's staff.

The team organised a fully laid out buffet (provided by The Windmill Café) with foods served from around the world, ranging from lamb kofta's to chicken curry. Two staff, Felicia and Rachael, also kindly brought in home-made delicacies from their native hometowns of Ghana and Australia.

It was a wonderful opportunity enjoyed by everyone who attended and a chance to casually get to know other teams as well as learning about the work of the EDI Forum.