• 11/04/2024

World Autism Acceptance Week 2024 - Meet Ross' Parents

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Meet Ross' Parents

Embracing Neurodiversity: World Autism Acceptance Week (2 - 8 April 2024)

Join us in celebrating World Autism Acceptance Week, as Hightown aims to promote understanding, acceptance and inclusion for individuals with autism. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) includes a wide range of characteristics, strengths, and challenges. It is important for us to understand that every individual with autism is unique, possessing their own set of talents and perspectives. By welcoming and accepting neurodiversity, we are creating an environment where differences are valued and respected.

Watch the short video below to hear from Danny and Angela, Ross' parents, about his life with autism and his experience being a part of our C&SH (Care & Supported Housing) scheme, The Trees. #WorldAutismAcceptanceWeek