• 09/08/2022

Sue's story: "The staff at The Elms saved my life!"

A service user from a care and supported housing scheme sat outside on a bench

We recently visited The Elms, based in Aylesbury, to congratulate them on their recent '5 Star – Excellent' rating, awarded by Buckinghamshire council.

The Elms provides people aged over 55 with a practical alternative to moving into a care home and staff support people to live independently in self-contained flats.

They offer a range of support tailored to suit the residents' needs - from helping to support their mental and physical health; to practical tasks such as home maintenance, shopping and making meals.

The scheme has a large and inviting communal area where residents can take part in sociable activities, such as bake-off competitions and creating arts and crafts that are displayed in the hallways. The residents also enjoy a peaceful and attractive garden that has many of the residents' colourful creations dotted around the outdoor space.

During our visit, we were lucky to catch up with Sue about what it’s like to live at The Elms. She eagerly opened the conversation by telling us ''The staff at The Elms saved my life!"

Sue has always lived in Aylesbury where she raised her children and still has close family nearby, who she sees regularly. She moved into her flat at The Elms in 2016 and was eager to tell us how much she loves living there.

Sue said:

"The staff are calm and together and no one is a stranger.  Even when you're in your own flat, you never feel alone.

Everyone who lives here is happy and that's because of the staff. We all get on, it's like a little family. Everyone looks after each other.

I love attending 'Creations' sessions where I draw, colour and paint and we always have music playing in the background - which is lovely. A group of us like to go to the pub over the road, where we often sing together.  

I get 1-2-1 support if I need it but I have lots of independence to come and go as I need - but I always let someone know where I am going, as I wouldn't want to cause any worry for my family".