• 18/10/2023

Kevin’s remarkable journey towards independence and fulfilment

A man in a yellow tshirt and blue hoody, smiling, looking up at a woman in a colourful dress

Kevin embarked on his life’s journey with the love and care of his parents. Yet, life has a habit of presenting us with unforeseen trials, and in Kevin’s case, his mid-20s brought a challenging period that would push his resilience to its limits. 

During this dark chapter, Kevin found himself caught in a spiral of heavy drinking and unhappiness.  The weight of this trouble led to a breakdown, and he felt the most appropriate option was to seek help. It was during this challenging time that Kevin was admitted to a hospital for the support he so desperately needed. 

After the hospital stay, Kevin moved into a new residence in Old Amersham, where he received care and support. Kevin’s care provider later transitioned to Hightown. In 2016, a significant change occurred in Kevin’s life when he moved back to Amersham, this time to a supported living flat at Stokebury House. The transition was made smooth, thanks to the unwavering support of Hightown staff who were there every step of the way. Reflecting on this period, Kevin expressed his gratitude saying, “I’m ever so grateful for the way Hightown has treated me and the support the staff have given.” 

One of the aspects that made Kevin’s journey truly special was the support he received from Hightown staff. It wasn’t just about assistance with daily tasks; it was about contact with people. Regular visits, shared activities such as trips to the cinema and enjoyable BBQ gatherings, and honest conversations made Kevin feel valued and connected. He fondly recalled this saying, “It's lovely to have someone to talk to every day.” 

While Kevin initially dreaded the idea of living independently, he eventually took the leap, encouraged by both his parents and the Hightown team. His bid for a property was successful and today, he enjoys independent living in the community, secure in the knowledge that support is readily available when needed. Kevin enthusiastically shares, “I’m glad they encouraged me to live independently, as I love it here now.” 

Kevin remains connected to Hightown through his involvement with VoiceBox (Hightown’s service user involvement group) stating, “It’s good that I haven’t been abandoned and the Hightown team keep in touch with me.” 

He still values the connection and the positive impact he can make on other service users. “It’s nice to know I am having a positive impact on others,” he emphasises. 

As a self-described homebody, Kevin relishes his independence. He can manage his bills, takes care of his activities and chores, and enjoys his various hobbies. From watching football on TV with his father to indulging in his love for reading. He even retains a passion for electronic/dance music, reminiscing about his “raver” days. 

Kevin’s journey illustrates his remarkable capacity for resilience, the vital role of continued support and his determination to grow and develop. From a challenging chapter in his mid-20s to a life brimming with independence, joy, and profound connections.  

We wish Kevin continued success in his journey and express our gratitude for his invaluable contributions to VoiceBox and his community.