• 27/08/2023

Empowering lives at Verney Road

Four women smiling in a sunny garden

The Verney Road team is more than just a collection of individuals; it is a tight knit family working harmoniously to provide exceptional care and support to their residents. With four dedicated permanent members, the team surpasses their call of duty, showing a level of care that goes beyond the ordinary. Sam King, Scheme Manager, shares “They are the nicest group of people I have worked with. They go above and beyond daily, providing exceptional care, whilst not fully realising their own value. They are an amazing team”.   

Whilst the staff’s commitment shines brightly, they face their fair share of challenges. The challenges are as diverse as the individuals they support. “Our residents are largely independent, which is wonderful, but sometimes conflicts arise due to differences in opinions or choices” reflects Lola, Assistant Support Worker. Despite the minor conflicts the staff approach each day with determination and optimism. “Our team embody a ‘glass half full’ outlook. They communicate seamlessly, tackle challenges head-on, and support each other” shares Sam with pride. 

Louise, Assistant Support Worker, describes the lively atmosphere at Verney Road, “Our days are full of variety, fun and challenges. The team takes residents on outings and engages them in activities they love. We have a resident who is passionate about gardening and feeding squirrels. It’s incredibly rewarding to see their joy. The sense of camaraderie within the work team is amazing. We all support each other and equally feel supported by our manager.

Mary, a part time Support Worker, recounts her transition from night shifts to day shifts, “I was initially worried about the diverse needs of our residents, but the team’s warmth made me feel relaxed, comfortable and supported.” Mary’s sentiments capture the essence of teamwork at Verney Road, where the shared purpose and mutual support create an environment that uplifts both staff and residents alike.  

In the face of challenges and triumphs alike, the Verney Road team shines as a beacon of empowerment and support. Their commitment to promoting independence while providing essential care sets a remarkable example within the sector. With their shared dedication, collaborative spirit and unwavering support, the team at Verney Road exemplifies the power of teamwork in making profound difference in the lives of those they serve.