Our Involved Residents have reviewed our policy on how we manage our neighbourhoods.

The policy has been shaped by several discussions that we have had with residents. For example, the policy now states that we will provide information to residents legally subletting a Hightown home from a leaseholder.

Thank you to all the residents who have provided their feedback.

In summary, our policy states that we will:

  • Work with our residents, other homeowners and other organisations to make sure our estates are safe and tidy.
  • Provide the most cost-effective services possible to keep service charges as low as we can.
  • Not compromise on safety or our standards.
  • Consult with our residents when setting our standards.
  • Provide information on our standards, processes and responsibilities.
  • Listen to suggestions from resident's for improvements to their developments.
  • Support residents who want to volunteer or start a community society / neighbourhood association.
  • Survey our residents every 3 years (at least).

To keep our homes and neighbourhoods in good condition we will:

  • Regularly inspect our homes, estates and any communal areas. (Please contact your Estates Quality Inspector to attend an estate inspection.)
  • Maintain and decorate our communal areas on a planned cycle.
  • Have gardening and cleaning contracts in place.
  • Use parking control if it is needed and agreed with residents.
  • Send relevant information to the occupier when our leaseholders sublet their home.
  • Carry out necessary health and safety checks.
  • Focus on neighbourhoods that need more improvement.

Read the full policy here.

Please send any comments to: involve@hightownha.org.uk or call us on 01442 292300.