We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously.

We will work with residents to help prevent anti-social behaviour from occurring and will react quickly when incidents occur. We will work in partnership with other agencies to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhoods where we own homes.

You can report anti-social behaviour online via your MyHightown account

Alternatively, you can contact your housing officer during office hours on 01442 292300. Alternatively, you can leave a message out of hours on our 24-hour messaging service by calling 07768 286694. This is a message service only, a member of staff will contact you within two working days of the message being received.

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

How we deal with anti-social behaviour

For low-level problems (e.g. noise nuisance) often the best thing to do first is to have a chat with your neighbour. If this doesn't work, or you don't feel comfortable to do so, please contact us.

The action Hightown may take depends on the type of Anti-Social Behaviour you report. Please contact your Housing Officer for more information. In most cases, your Housing Officer will work with you to resolve the issue through tenancy reminders or interviews, we may also offer mediation where appropriate.

Diary sheets are a valuable way of collecting evidence so that we can investigate reports of anti-social behaviour. We use the diary sheets to get a better understanding of the problem and sometimes as evidence if we need to take court action.

In serious cases, it may be appropriate for Hightown to pursue legal action. In these cases, we will need you to work with us to enable us to investigate and prepare a case for court. We will also work with other agencies that may be involved in the investigation, such as the Police or Environmental Health, so you may also need to work with them.