Not all our tenants are in the situation, so we use different types of tenancies. The best way to find out what type of tenancy you have is to check the front page of your tenancy agreement.

Starter Tenancies

Starter Tenancies are probationary tenancies that last for one year. During that year we check that everything is going ok and that the tenant is able to manage the tenancy.

Tenants in our social housing properties who are new to Hightown will get a Starter tenancy. At 9 months, we review the Starter tenancy. If everything has gone well, we will offer the tenant(s) a 5 Year Fixed Term tenancy.

5 Year Fixed Term Tenancies

Our standard tenancy for social housing tenants is a 5 Year Fixed Term tenancy. These tenancies are renewed every 5 years and are reviewed at the 2 year and 4 year points. After new tenants have completed their starter tenancies they will be offered a 5 Year Fixed Term tenancy. We use these tenancies to so that we can regularly monitor how things are going and whether are tenants are in the right property for them.

Assured Tenancies or Secure Tenancies

Assured or Secure tenancies last for life. Hightown tenants who moved in before 2012 would have signed an Assured Tenancy.

NOTE: we do not offer these tenancies unless you already have a Secure or an Assured tenancy.

Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Our Intermediate Rent and Rent to HomeBuy tenants will have an Assured Shorthold tenancy.  These are designed for tenancies that only last for a few years where we hold a deposit for the property that is protected through the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Sometimes we may also use these tenancies for tenants staying in our supported housing services.