There's always moisture in the air but condensation in your home can cause problems. Condensation occurs mainly in cold weather and can be worse in newly built homes that are still drying out.

Preventing condensation - Top Tips:

  • Use extractor fans and keep them cleaned
  • Cover pans and do not leave kettles boiling (this is for old style non-electric kettles)
  • Avoid drying your clothes indoors
  • Vent tumble driers to the outside
  • Open windows to let out the moist air when you have been bathing, cooking or washing
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom doors closed to stop warm moist air travelling to other rooms in the house
  • Keep a small window ajar 
  • Keep window trickle ventilators open to allow a small amount of air to gradually enter the room
  • Do not block up ventilators
  • Keep rooms warm when you are bathing, cooking and washing
  • In cold weather, keep low background heating on all day, even when there is no one at home
  • Avoid bottled gas fires, use your other heaters instead

Treating Mould

All homes contain mould spores and most of the time they are harmless. But black mould will grow in the right conditions and is often caused by condensation. If you notice black mould, you can treat it by:

  • Wiping down walls and window frames with a fungicidal wash (available from most DIY stores), following the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep checking the affected area for at least a week. If the mould reappears, wash it down again with the fungicidal wash.
  • Dry cleaning any affected clothes
  • Shampoo carpets (NOTE: brushing or vacuuming can make the mould worse)
  • Redecorating using a fungicidal paint
  • Reducing the condensation in your home

Still having problems?

If you've tried everything above but are still concerned about damp in your home, please get in touch with us. Log in to MyHightown to contact your Estates Officer directly.  We will book an appointment with you to inspect your home and assess the cause of the problem.

You can also contact our head office - please click here.