Where Hightown owns the freehold of the building you live in, you do not need to take out buildings insurance. This is typically the case for shared owners or leaseholders who own flats. If Hightown is not the freeholder, they will be responsible for providing buildings insurance.

If you're not sure who provides your buildings insurance, please contact your Homeownership Officer. 

Download a copy of our buildings insurance cover

You will always need to purchase your own contents insurance.

Our buildings insurance covers:

  • fire, storm, explosion or flood damage to the building
  • malicious damage
  • accidental damage
  • replacing locks after loss or theft
  • damage caused by emergency services
  • subsidence
  • impact
  • expenses if you are unable to live in your home for one of the above reasons.

How to make a claim:

To request a claim form, please call 01442 292630

If there has been serious damage or loss the insurance company will need to send a Loss Adjuster before anything can be repaired.