On the 1st June 2022 the Homeownership team will be taking over responsibility for managing resales for all Hightown shared ownership properties from the Sales Team.

Hightown will be exercising its right under the lease to nominate for all new shared ownership resales from this date.

Looking to sell your share?

If you are a shared owner and looking to sell your share please contact your Homeownership Officer, so they can explain the process and provide you with assistance.

To begin the sales process you will need to first pay for a valuation and select a surveyor. Hightown will confirm the property valuation in writing and you will then need to confirm if you want to proceed.

How Hightown will manage the sale:

  • We will arrange to advertise your property through a residential property marketing website
  • We will screen and verify potential applicants before arranging a viewing
  • We will liaise with all parties
  • We will process applications
  • We will provide an LPE1 (sales pack)
  • We will respond to all solicitor enquiries

 What Hightown needs from you:

  • Pictures of the exterior and interior of the property
  • A valid Energy Performance Certificate
  • A completed property information sheet
  • For you to facilitate and conduct viewings with Hightown nominated applicants

Finding a buyer

  • Hightown has 8 weeks to nominate a buyer.
  • Buyers cannot offer less than the property valuation and are not able to purchase 100% of the property share, but will be able to staircase and buy more shares after completion.
  • The first valuation is valid for 3 months and can be re-validated up to a maximum of an additional 3 months for a small fee.
  • On completion, Hightown will receive a nomination fee, which will be detailed in the lease.

If Hightown is unable to nominate within 8 weeks a shared owner can serve notice on Hightown and enter into a contract with an estate agent and will be subject to that contract and fee arrangement.

A shared owner cannot advertise their property with any other third party within the 8-week nomination period that commences from the date Hightown advertises the property for sale.

If you have any further queries or would like to arrange a valuation

Please contact: the Home Ownership Team: home.ownership@hightownha.org.uk or call on 01442 292535.