Hightown will be holding an Open Day for their new Shared Ownership homes at the Bierton Gardens development in Aylesbury on Saturday 21st July from 10am – 2pm.

Aylesbury’s home seekers will get their first look at the development, which is conveniently located close to the town centre and contains six three-bed houses and 16 two-bed houses all of which are available for shared-ownership. The new homes all come with integrated appliances, parking and private gardens.

Shared ownership offers an invaluable first step onto the property ladder with buyers able to purchase 50% of a property whilst paying subsidised rent on the remaining 50%. Shared-property owners can also increase their ownership share over time.

The three-bed and two-bed properties start from £140,000 and £162,500 and respectively for a 50% share.

Nearby Timms Close, a similar collection of Hightown properties, has allowed Sonia Crawford, 49, and Anneka McLeod, 27, who both have family and close ties with Aylesbury, to buy their first homes.

Anneka, who works as a secondary school teacher and previously lived with her father is settling in to her new home but urged those saving for a home to consider shared ownership before the housing market increases further.

Anneka says:

If you’re considering shared ownership, I would say go for it! Property prices are only going to go up in this area, so I think the quicker you can buy somewhere, the better.

“I grew up in Aylesbury and my family lives here so it was important for me to live nearby. It was such a relief to know that I was going to have a place of my own and managed to get my first step on the properly ladder.

“It’s nice to have my own space to invite friends and family over. I’m still settling in at the moment but it will be great to have more people round.”

Sonia, who works in Aylesbury, says:

“After living in flats for a long time, having my own front door was really important to me. If you sign up for shared ownership, you won’t look back or regret your decision. All of the Hightown staff I’ve spoken to have been really helpful.”

You can make a booking to view the properties by calling Hightown Housing Association on 01442 292381. Please note, you must have a local connection to Aylesbury Vale (live, work or have family in the area) to be eligible for these new homes.