The countdown to Christmas is on! By now most of us have decorated our homes with a Christmas tree with lights and baubles, but have you checked that your festive decorations are not a fire risk?

With so much going on over the festive period and having to deal with COVID restrictions, it is important to remember some simple safety tips to avoid having any accidents at home this year. Check out these safety tips to remind you of potential risks this Christmas: 

Christmas trees

  • Chose a spot for your Christmas tree that is away from any heat source, including a fireplace or radiator
  • Do not burn candles on your Christmas tree
  • Do not smoke cigarettes too close to your tree
  • it is recommended that you decorate your tree with LED lights
  • If you are having a real tree, keep the tree stand filled with sand or water at all times. Avoid letting it dry out!
  • Do not leave young children or animals alone with your Christmas tree
  • Remember to turn off the tree lights when you go to bed or leave the house

Cooking at Christmas

  • When cooking your Christmas feast, avoid leaving your cooker unattended
  • Try not to cook if under the influence of alcohol - save the bubbly for after your meal!
  • Test your fire alarms in the lead up to Christmas, and only remove the batteries when you are replacing them
  • Keep young children away from ovens, hobs and other cooking appliances that may get hot

Decorating your home

*If you have a balcony, please only place LED lighting on the balcony. There is a much higher risk of fire when using non LED lights as the bulbs can heat up. 

  • Don't attach decorations, such as tinsel or baubles to lights or heaters
  • Candles should not be left unattended, or placed near to flammable objects such as paper based decorations
  • Use battery powered candles if you can
  • If you have electric fairy lights, check that they carry the British Safety Standard sign 
  • Remember to switch your lights off at the end of each day
  • Don't plug too many sets of lights or appliances in to one socket
  • Please do not over use extension leads with too many plugs 
  • Keep lighters, matches and candles away from young children
  • Open fires should have a fire guard and should not be left unattended