Lost your rent card?

Forgotten your log in details for Allpay?


We’ve changed our payment system to make things easier.

To pay your rent, service charges or other property charges, all you need to do is:

  1. Payment button on MyHightownGo to your MyHightown account and click ‘Make a payment’.
  2. Enter how much you’re paying.
  3. Leave everything else as it is (to make sure your rent goes to your rent account correctly)Image with guidance on making a payment on the Allpay website
    • But do confirm you’re not a robot when asked!
  4. Enter your card details.
  5. Download your receipt.
  6. You’re done!

We always recommend that you download your receipt – just in case something goes wrong. You’ll get this option once your payment has gone through.


What’s changed?

  • You don’t have to log in with Allpay.
  • You don’t have to download the Allpay app (although you can if you want to).
  • You don’t have to ring Hightown up to pay.
  • You can go straight from checking your rent statement to paying.


Why have we done it?

It wasn’t great that our residents had to remember one log in to get their rent statement and a different one to pay. We want to make it easier.

With the new system, you can sort your rent even if you can’t find your rent card. You can also pay whenever suits you, not just in our office hours. Unfortunately, the system won't save your card details - but we may improve this in the future.

Quick reminder – the same as before, rent payments will take a couple of days to reach us. Don’t worry if they don’t show on your rent statement straight away.

If you’ve received letters from Hightown about rent arrears or debt, or if you’re being threatened with court action, contact our Rent Team to let us know you’ve paid. We’ll make a note and work with you.


Any problems getting to the payment screen?

Please contact communications@hightownha.org.uk or call 01442 292258.

Problems with paying?

Please contact Allpay on 0844 557 8320 (contacts details on the right side of the payment screen).