Kate, Home Ownership Officer - Graduate Trainee 2018

When did you start working at Hightown?

"September 2018."

What was your background before you started your job at Hightown?

"I studied Ecology and Environment at University and graduated in 2017. I then worked in my old secondary school for a year as a Learning Support Assistant before coming to Hightown."

What attracted you to apply to Hightown?

"I enjoyed my degree but was unsure as to which direction I wanted my career to go in. What attracted me to apply to the Hightown Graduate Scheme was the opportunity to work in a variety of departments, which enables you to develop a wide set of skills and recognise where your strengths lie. I didn’t know much about social housing at the time, but I really liked the fact that I’d be working as part of an important and evolving sector that has a positive impact on society."

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a graduate?

"Completing projects, both independently and as a team, that directly make a difference to people’s lives is always rewarding. I’ve also really enjoyed getting involved with the Charity Committee and being a Wellbeing Champion."

What have some of the challenges been in your graduate role?

"With little prior knowledge about social housing, I initially found understanding some of the terms and language difficult. However, over time and through training, I have quickly learnt the lingo and now use it all the time.
The graduate scheme requires you to be adaptable too, especially with some projects when things aren’t always straight forward. This can be challenging but is a great learning curve."

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone applying for a graduate role, what would it be?

"Focus on demonstrating how your skill set and personality will help you learn and take on different roles within the organisation."

What is the biggest thing you have learnt / taken away from your time as a graduate?

"How important each department’s role is within the organisation. Everyone works together to achieve the same goal and make a difference."

If you had to choose 3 celebrities to be stuck in a lift with, who would it be?

"Channing Tatum, Adele and David Attenborough!"